Readyflor 1 Readyflor Blackbutt
    Readyflor-Tasmanian_Oak 2 Tasmanian Oak
    Readyflor-Blackbutt 3 Blackbutt
    Readyflor-Sydney_Bluegum 4 Sydney Bluegum
    Readyflor-Spotted_Gum 5 Spotted Gum
    Readyflor-Red_Ironwood 6 Red Ironwood
    Readyflor-Jarrah 7 Jarrah
    Readyflor 1
    Readyflor-Tasmanian_Oak 2
    Readyflor-Blackbutt 3
    Readyflor-Sydney_Bluegum 4
    Readyflor-Spotted_Gum 5
    Readyflor-Red_Ironwood 6
    Readyflor-Jarrah 7


    BRAND Quick-Step

    TYPE Smooth

    STYLE Matte

    Quick-Step ReadyFlor is Australia’s best selling pre-finished timber floor. Simply stunning in appearance and made from some of the world’s finest hardwoods, using environmentally friendly resources, Quick-Step ReadyFlor offers excellent resistance to day-to-day wear and tear, and is easy to maintain. Manufactured by Quick-Step, using methods considered to be the best in the world, ReadyFlor carries a lifetime structural warranty.sophistication.



    If you want warmth and grace in your home, nothing surpasses the appeal of a Quick Step Australian timber floor. You’ll never tire of its exceptional beauty, and it will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

    Dining areas

    Living areas


    The quality of construction and coatings in timber flooring products provides a stable, durable and versatile timber floor which can bring an effortless sense of style and simplicity to any décor.

    Engineered Timber Flooring

    An engineered timber floor is a 100% timber flooring product, but with all the benefits of modern technology. If you’re after a true timber floor, but want the practicality of modern techniques, then understanding what’s possible in an engineered timber floor is a great place to start.

    Put simply, an engineered timber floor has a true timber top layer in your specified species, supported by plantation timber core materials. Depending on the floor this core might be a different kind of hardwood, or a plywood. What this means, is that you still get the timber you’re after, with a much more stable structure. One downfall of traditional solid flooring is that the grain ends aligned in one direction.

    For more information about how to clean and maintain Timber flooring, please read our blog located at the below link:

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