Texas - Timber

Texas-Timber 1 Texas - Timber Ontario VTX10126506_L
Texas-Timber-Forester-VTX18928837 2 Forester VTX18928837
Texas-Timber-Tundra-VTX20126509 3 Tundra VTX20126509
Texas-Timber-Camargue-VTX16826504 4 Camargue VTX16826504
Texas-Timber-Forester-VTX18928895 5 Forester VTX18928895
Texas-Timber-Ontario-VTX10126506 6 Ontario VTX10126506
Texas-Timber-Cabana-VTX19026592 7 Cabana VTX19026592
Texas-Timber-Classic_Oak-VTX19426835 8 Classic Oak VTX19426835
Texas-Timber-Tundra-VTX20126533 9 Tundra VTX20126533
Texas-Timber-Helsinki-VTX19126557 10 Helsinki VTX19126557
Texas-Timber-Classic_Oak-VTX19426857 11 Classic Oak VTX19426857
Texas-Timber-Tundra-VTX20126594 13 Tundra VTX20126594
Texas-Timber-Cordoba-VTX1126743 14 Cordoba VTX1126743
Texas-Timber-Ontario-VTX10126547 15 Ontario VTX10126547
Texas-Timber-Burgos-VTX7726744 16 Burgos VTX7726744
Texas-Timber-Classic Oak-VTX19426839 17 Classic Oak VTX19426839
Texas-Timber-Sorbonne-VTX15126548 18 Sorbonne VTX15126548
Texas-Timber-Spotted Gum-VTX12026743 19 Spotted Gum VTX12026743
Texas-Timber-Helsinki-VTX19126594 20 Helsinki VTX19126594
Texas-Timber 1
Texas-Timber-Forester-VTX18928837 2
Texas-Timber-Tundra-VTX20126509 3
Texas-Timber-Camargue-VTX16826504 4
Texas-Timber-Forester-VTX18928895 5
Texas-Timber-Ontario-VTX10126506 6
Texas-Timber-Cabana-VTX19026592 7
Texas-Timber-Classic_Oak-VTX19426835 8
Texas-Timber-Tundra-VTX20126533 9
Texas-Timber-Helsinki-VTX19126557 10
Texas-Timber-Classic_Oak-VTX19426857 11
Texas-Timber-Tundra-VTX20126594 13
Texas-Timber-Cordoba-VTX1126743 14
Texas-Timber-Ontario-VTX10126547 15
Texas-Timber-Burgos-VTX7726744 16
Texas-Timber-Classic Oak-VTX19426839 17
Texas-Timber-Sorbonne-VTX15126548 18
Texas-Timber-Spotted Gum-VTX12026743 19
Texas-Timber-Helsinki-VTX19126594 20

Texas - Timber

BRAND Signature

TYPE Sheet Vinyl


Timber – Texas sheet vinyl from the Signature vinyl collection is an extensive range of quality vinyls. They feature timber, stone and solid colour designs. An affordable quality vinyl with many added features. 


7 years Residential Warranty

thickness :  2.50 0r 2.80mm

width : 4m

wear layer : 0.20 or 0.40mm

slip resistance : R10

backing : textile

installation : east to install

Living areas

Dining areas


Timber – Texas sheet vinyl 2.60mm thickness and Texture Backing is ideal for underfoot softness. Texas vinyl sheet flooring comes with backing that is designed to be installed on floors with irregularities of up to 2mm deep and 3mm wide. 

For more information about Vinyl flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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