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H&T Floorworld Shepparton offers a wide selection of carpets, timber, bamboo, laminate and vinyl flooring. The different styles that we offer range from traditional timber and heavy wool carpets to more modern laminates and vinyl flooring. In each of these categories, you will find a large variety of colours and patterns so you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Let Mick, Wendy and Tony help you select the perfect style to suit your home with their years of flooring experience behind them.

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Timber Flooring at H&T Floorworld Shepparton

Timber flooring has always been a favourite among those who want their home to look beautiful, elegant and stylish. This flooring option has the ability to make your home look welcome and warm too. Timber, however, should always be bought keeping in mind that needs a degree of maintenance. In addition, the quality of the timber largely depends on the manner in which it is laid. Let the well qualified and expert installers at H&T Floorworld Shepparton lay your timber and you’ll have years of hassle-free flooring.

If you are looking for timber flooring in Shepparton, Congupna, Lemnos, Orrvale and other surrounding areas, walk into H&T Floorworld and ask for a no-obligation quote.

Bamboo Flooring at H&T Floorworld Shepparton

Bamboo is an extremely cost effective and durable flooring option that has become popular in the last few years. However, purchasing the right kind of bamboo flooring is essential since there are many cheap imitation substitutes that have flooded the market. Choose brands that properly audit their bamboo flooring suppliers to ensure proper process is followed resulting in good quality bamboo flooring. At H&T Floorworld Shepparton, we supply and install bamboo flooring in surrounding areas too.

Walk in for a chat with our experts and see the displays and samples of bamboo flooring at H&T Floorworld Shepparton.

Vinyl Flooring at H&T Floorworld Shepparton

Vinyl is one of the latest and most innovative flooring materials in the market. It was developed especially for wet areas. In keeping with the requirement of the day, vinyl flooring is easy to install, easy to maintain and economical too. Features like durability, scratch resistance and good sound insulation are some of the reasons people prefer this flooring material over others.

If you are looking for vinyl flooring in Shepparton, take a look at brands like Gerflor, Polyflor, Signature and Pegulan at H&T Floorworld Shepparton and ask for a no-obligation quote.

Laminate Flooring at H&T Floorworld Shepparton

A viable and cost effective flooring option to timber, laminate flooring gives you all the advantages of a laminate while providing the elegant look of timber or marble. The laminate flooring products available at H&T Floorworld Shepparton are extremely stain proof and scratch resistant. They do not fade due to sunlight too. Easy to install on top of existing flooring options, they can also be replaced easily enough. The range of laminate flooring at ensures that you will find one suitable for your home.

Walk in to H&T Floorworld to have a look at our displays and samples on offer. We supply and install across Shepparton and neighbouring areas such as like Ardmona, Grahamvale, Mooroopna, Kialla, Lemnos and Orrvale.

Carpets at H&T Floorworld Shepparton

Carpets are the best flooring option you have when you want to add elegance and warmth to your house. They also have other advantages. They are slip free and are available in various textures, patterns, styles and colours. Choose from brands like Feltex, Victoria Carpets, Godfrey Hirst, Signature and Beaulieu and your product will also be backed by an extensive manufacturers’ warranty.

Check with our knowledgeable staff whether you should opt for textured loop pile finish or a smooth finish with cut pile. Come in and see us today, and take a tour of the displays and samples we have in-store.