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Wodonga Floorworld offers a wide range of carpets, timber, laminate and vinyl cushion flooring. Our floor coverings come in a variety of traditional styles, colourful patterns and distinct textures to ensure that you will find one that you like based on your specific home or office requirements.

Let Richard, Terry and Jodie help you select the perfect style to suit your home with their years of flooring experience behind them. We service all parts of Wodonga and Albury.

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Cnr Kendall & Osburn Streets
Wodonga, Victoria 3690

Ph: (02) 6056 3434
Fax: (02) 6056 7999
Email: wodonga@floorworld.com.au

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Timber Flooring at Wodonga Floorworld

Timber flooring is one of the best and most elegant floor coverings. At Wodonga Floorworld we stock only the leading brands like Embelton and Premium to give you a great timber floor while also ensuring peace of mind. We also help customers to select the right type of timber that suits their home décor and requirements. Needless to say, we also provide expert installation services of this premium flooring option in Wodonga and surrounding areas like Bandiana, East Albury, Leneva and more.

Walk into our store to speak to our flooring experts, and have a look at the many displays and samples today.

Bamboo Flooring at Wodonga Floorworld

At Wodonga Floorworld, our staff has great knowledge of this often misunderstood flooring option. Bamboo is extremely dense and solid due to the strandwoven manufacturing process, meaning it is longer lasting than most other floating floors. Floorworld’s suppliers like Embelton and Clever Choice make sure that their timber is only sourced from properly audited Chinese bamboo mills which give a further assurance of quality. This economical flooring option is available in various textures and colours too.

Walk into our store to check out one of the most extensive ranges of bamboo flooring in Wodonga. We can answer all your questions, and help you to make the most informed choice. We service all parts of Wodonga and Albury.

Vinyl Flooring at Wodonga Floorworld


A great choice for those who want an economical, yet classy flooring, vinyl is also great since it can be installed easily. This flooring option can be installed DIY, without running into too many issues. Great for wet areas like bathrooms and open porticos, vinyl flooring suitable for kitchens and other rooms too. Vinyl flooring is relatively warmer requires no waxing, polishing or worry about stains and scratches.


Come in and visit today and take a look at the textures and colours on offer for vinyl flooring at Wodonga Floorworld. We service all parts of Wodonga and Albury.


Laminate Flooring at Wodonga Floorworld

Whether you are looking to refurbishing your home or just looking for new flooring altogether, laminate flooring is an option that is versatile, practical and many cases, elegant. This flooring option provides the dual advantage of being light on the pocket and while still transforming your home. While some laminate floors are suitable to be installed DIY, Floorworld experts offer a comprehensive supply and install service to remove any of the hassle.

Take a look at laminate flooring displays and samples at Wodonga Floorworld, and prepare to be surprised. We service all parts of Wodonga and Albury.

Carpets at Wodonga Floorworld

Buying a carpet may not seem like a big thing to many. But have a chat with our flooring experts and you will realize that there is a lot of elements that you need to consider. Decide on whether you want traditional wool carpets to add timeless elegance to your home, or add a touch of flair by choosing intricately patterned nylon carpets. Carpets are also slip free and help in saving energy as they capture the warmth in the house. Carpets at Wodonga Floorworld are backed up with extensive warranties from reputable brands like Victoria Carpets, Feltex, Godfrey Hirst and Beaulieu. Take a look at the colours and textures on display today. We service all parts of Wodonga and Albury.