Chesterfield 1 Chesterfield Havan Oak
    Chesterfield-Fortuna_Oak 2 Fortuna Oak
    Chesterfield-Stirling_Oak 3 Stirling Oak
    Chesterfield-Java_Oak 4 Java Oak
    Chesterfield-Grand_Oak 5 Grand Oak
    Chesterfield-Tobacco_Oak 6 Tobacco Oak
    Chesterfield-Seasoned_Spotted_Gum 7 Seasoned Spotted Gum
    Chesterfield-Select_Tassie_Oak 8 Select Tassie Oak
    Chesterfield-Silky_Blackbutt 9 Silky Blackbutt
    Chesterfield-Prime_Tassie_Oak 10 Prime Tassie Oak
    Chesterfield-Grand_Blackbutt 11 Grand Blackbutt
    Chesterfield-Havana_Oak 12 Havana Oak
    Chesterfield 1
    Chesterfield-Fortuna_Oak 2
    Chesterfield-Stirling_Oak 3
    Chesterfield-Java_Oak 4
    Chesterfield-Grand_Oak 5
    Chesterfield-Tobacco_Oak 6
    Chesterfield-Seasoned_Spotted_Gum 7
    Chesterfield-Select_Tassie_Oak 8
    Chesterfield-Silky_Blackbutt 9
    Chesterfield-Prime_Tassie_Oak 10
    Chesterfield-Grand_Blackbutt 11
    Chesterfield-Havana_Oak 12


    BRAND Armstrong

    TYPE Vinyl Plank


    Crafted with the latest durable technology in Luxury Vinyl flooring, Chesterfield™ 2.0 offers excellent cleanability, low maintenance, and superior durability, suitable for families with children and pets. 

    Chesterfield™ 2.0 complements any home space, featuring various modern and classic timber designs.


    *15-year residential warranty.

    *3-year commercial warranty.

    The high-density layer offers outstanding performance when protecting against scratches and stains, while the PUR protective coating provides durability to ensure your floors look better for longer.


    Living Room

    Dining Room


    The PUR coating protects against foot traffic, spills, stains, and abrasion damage. This coating is resistant to stains, making it suitable for a range of environments in which spills may occur. The superior durability guarantees a low-maintenance and easy-to-clean home.

    Enjoy long-lasting beautiful floors suited to the entire family, available in a range of modern and Australian-inspired timber designs.

    For more information on Vinyl flooring, please read our blog located at the below link:

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