Pulse 1 Pulse Wild Spotted Gum
Pulse-Sea_Breeze_Oak_Light 2 Sea Breeze Oak Light
Pulse-Cotton_Oak_Beige 3 Cotton Oak Beige
Pulse-Cotton_Oak_Warm_Grey 4 Cotton Oak Warm Grey
Pulse-Pure_Oak_Blush 5 Pure Oak Blush
Pulse-Sea_Breeze_Oak_Natural 6 Sea Breeze Oak Natural
Pulse-Pure_Oak_Honey 7 Pure Oak Honey
Pulse-Cotton_Oak_Grey 8 Cotton Oak Grey with Saw Cuts
Pulse-Urban_Blackbutt 9 Urban Blackbutt
Pulse-Wild_Spotted_Gum 10 Wild Spotted Gum
Pulse-Autumn_Oak_Brown 11 Autumn Oak Brown
Pulse 1
Pulse-Sea_Breeze_Oak_Light 2
Pulse-Cotton_Oak_Beige 3
Pulse-Cotton_Oak_Warm_Grey 4
Pulse-Pure_Oak_Blush 5
Pulse-Sea_Breeze_Oak_Natural 6
Pulse-Pure_Oak_Honey 7
Pulse-Cotton_Oak_Grey 8
Pulse-Urban_Blackbutt 9
Pulse-Wild_Spotted_Gum 10
Pulse-Autumn_Oak_Brown 11


BRAND Quick-Step

TYPE Hybrid


Meticulously produced in Belgium, Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid is as good as they get. Truly authentic designs with 4 genuine bevels and stunning surface texture. What's more it is resilient and built for performance - with Quick-Step's proprietary technology to resist staining, scratching and water entering the joins.


25 Year Residential Wear Warranty

Hybrid flooring is the preferred choice for interior decorators and homeowners. Pulse hybrid floors are well suited to wet areas, quiet and comfortable to walk on and relatively forgiving of imperfect sub-floors. Not surprising, Quick-Step Pulse Hybrid extends these natural benefits to deliver a floor that surpasses all others. Best of all it's easy to install with built-in underlay and the world's best joining system, Uniclic.

Living room

- Meticulously designed and made in Belgium
- Authentic appearance with 4 genuine bevels
- Watertight joins provide a completely waterproof floor … core, surface & joins
- Superior stain & scratch resistance
- Impact resistant yet quiet and comfortable underfoot
- Easy installation with built-in underlay and the world's best joining system, Uniclic
- Matching accessories
- Phthalate-free 

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:


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