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If you are looking for best flooring options in Port Macquarie and surrounding areas, Port Macquarie Floorworld is the store to come to.


Looking for flooring options? Port Macquarie Floorworld offers a wide range of timbercarpetslaminatehybridbamboo and vinyl cushion flooring. In each of these categories, we offer a range of styles, patterns, textures and designs that range from traditional to modern. Port Macquarie Floorworld has a flooring product to suit any kind of need irrespective of whether it is contemporary or traditional, for a home or a commercial complex. Visit our store and browse our high-quality products from reputed Australian brands.

Floorworld stores are home to high-quality carpets and other flooring products offered at a competitive price. Choose from a variety of high-quality floorings with the latest styles and designs that meet your home needs here at Port Macquarie Floorworld. 

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Let Steve, Lexie and Pierre help you select the perfect style to suit your home with their years of flooring experience behind them. Our flooring contractors can assist you with the installation and give tips for maintaining your new floors. The best carpet and flooring store with quality products for all your flooring needs. We service Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs like Kempsey, Taree, Macksville and Armidale.




Carpets at Port Macquarie Floorworld

Carpet is the flooring opted for by many in Australia because of its features like beauty, comfort, quietness and safety providing a slip-resistant surface. Carpets are comfortable, soft and warm on the feet, safe for kids, cost-effective, have a large range of colours and designs to choose from, have great acoustic properties and some varieties have stain-resistant properties.

Irrespective of whether you are looking for traditional wool carpets or more modern and versatile nylon or propylene, carpets at Port Macquarie Floorworld are the best in terms of quality, variety, design and texture. Our experts can also help you in selecting the one that best suits your needs and décor. Pick one with a loop pile finish or one that is a cut pile. At Port Macquarie Floorworld, you can also choose to get it laid out by our expert installers. We guarantee minimum disruption and perfect installation.

Carpet tiles allow you to add your own style to your flooring. Carpet tiles are durable and designed to withstand heavy traffic. They are less expensive and easy to install and maintain. Wool Carpets are durable, hard-wearing and if properly taken care of would last for many years. Wool carpets not only have the qualities of softness, warmth and comfort underfoot but also insulates your home. Carpets can be made from a variety of materials, and it is possible to take extra steps to protect your carpet from damage or stain.

The quality of your carpet’s installation is just as important as the quality of the carpet itself. Our flooring contractors can assist you with the carpet installation and give tips for maintenance. Reach out to your local Floorworld store for more information and to find the best products to clean and maintain your carpet. Call us at our store or walk in to see the range of designs that we have to offer, to make your home warmer, cosier and more inviting. We service Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs like Kempsey and Taree.


Timber Flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld

Timber flooring is an excellent option for your home to create a sound-proof, warm and stylish atmosphere. This flooring suits any space in your home. Using timber on the floors in a home gives you the chance to create a distinctive and unique space, with flooring that will age well and have a long lifespan. Timber flooring can last for decades, if properly finished and maintained due to their resistance to stains and moisture.

When you are looking for reliable and long lasting flooring options, timber is one of the best options you can choose. Engineered timber sold as a floating floor system over acoustic underlay is one of the best options that you can get. Choose from the reliable brands offered by leading distributors  as well as our own range of high-quality products and you are sure to never go wrong.

Consult specialists to do a reconnaissance of your house, measure the flooring area and then suggest the best timber flooring option. You can choose from exotic oak species to meet latest trends, or go for a classic and timeless Australian timber such as Blackbutt or Spotted Gum. Wooden types of flooring can be laid in many patterns to add more style impact to a room and are easy to clean and maintain. Being naturally warm and attractive, timber floors help create a relaxing and comfortable environment in your home.

Timber flooring from Port Macquarie Floorworld is high quality and our professional installation services too will ensure you have a timber floor that lasts for years to come. Walk in today for a no-obligation quote today. We service Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs like Kempsey and Taree.


Laminate Flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld

Laminate flooring is very durable and hardy and is easy to care for and maintain. Laminate floors can be used in every room. The anti-static surface and the seamless click system of laminate prevent dust and dirt from collecting on or between the planks, which is an ideal feature for childrens' rooms.

At Port Macquarie Floorworld, we understand that you may have concerns about laminates and their quality. However, once you see the quality of this product in our store, you will realize that the manufacturing advancements have ensured that laminate has come a long way. Today laminate provides the most convenience of all flooring options, while still retaining the elegance and style of timber. Easy to install and cost effective, this flooring option is a good choice when you do not want the hassle of polishing and waxing.

Highly stain resistant and scratch proof, laminate flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld is available in a large range of colours and patterns. We service Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs like Kempsey and Taree.


Hybrid Flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld

Hybrid flooring is one of the newest flooring options on the market. This innovative solution combines characteristics of both vinyl and laminate, resulting in a versatile, attractive, and hardy product. Hybrid flooring’s rigid core technology also helps to produce less sound. 

Hybrid flooring is an excellent choice if you have kids or pets at home. Hybrid flooring is an ideal solution for any room and in all homes around Australia. Hybrid flooring is surprisingly easy to install. Whether you’re looking to purchase new flooring, have questions about your existing flooring or are looking for specific maintenance information for your hybrid flooring, reach out to your local Floorworld store.

At Floorworld we stock the best quality hybrid flooring from Australia’s favourite brands such as Godfrey Hirst, Quick-Step, Airstep, Clever Choice, Premium Floors, Pegulan and Signature Floors. Visit our store locator to find your nearest store to find the perfect hybrid flooring for you.


Vinyl Flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld

Vinyl flooring requires the least amount of maintenance out of all flooring types. Vinyl flooring is versatile, affordable and has a range of benefits. Vinyl flooring often looks identical to solid timber flooring and it can be difficult to distinguish between the two. Vinyl flooring can also replicate natural stone and ceramic tiles.

Practical and convenient, vinyl flooring is relatively maintenance-free as well. While vinyl is suitable for most rooms, it is especially suited for wet areas. With the advancements in technology, vinyl flooring options can mimic slate, marble and even timber. Textures also range from smooth to rugged ensuring that you will find an option to meet your décor. A product that is more flexible than tiles or timber, vinyl is the perfect choice for a modern household. 

Sheet vinyl flooring is available in a variety of patterns. Some vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof and can be used in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry area. Plank vinyl flooring comes in a plank style like laminate flooring and is installed plank by plank to create a natural wood look. Vinyl plank flooring is easy to install and DIY-friendly.

Check out the look and feel of the product with the displays of vinyl flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld today. The best Vinyl flooring store with quality Vinyl products near you. Our flooring contractors can help you install your Vinyl flooring and give tips to maintain the new floor. We service Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs like Kempsey and Taree.


Bamboo Flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld

The fastest-growing flooring category in Port Macquarie, bamboo is preferred for its sturdiness, density and hardness. It is also one of the most ecologically friendly flooring options. Treated and handled well, it can prove to be one of the best options among all flooring options. This is why at Port Macquarie Floorworld, we only source from the best and most reputable suppliers.

Bamboo Flooring is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to hardwood and is strong and durable like oak flooring, and it is easy to install. Bamboo flooring is an ideal choice for those suffering from allergies as they do not harbour dirt and dust particles as some other floorings do.

Check out the range of colours we offer in bamboo flooring at Port Macquarie Floorworld today. We service Port Macquarie and surrounding suburbs like Kempsey and Taree.


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