Kingswood 1 Kingswood
Kingswood-Drift_Wood_Oak 2 Drift Wood Oak
Kingswood-Silver_Oak 3 Silver Oak
Kingswood-Latte_Oak 4 Latte Oak
Kingswood-Classic_Oak 5 Classic Oak
Kingswood-Salted_Gum 6 Salted Gum
Kingswood-Sanded_Blackbutt 7 Sanded Blackbutt
Kingswood-Warm_Oak 8 Warm Oak
Kingswood-Weathered_Tasmanian_Oak 9 Weathered Tasmanian Oak
Kingswood-Tasmanian_Hardwood_Classic 10 Tasmanian Hardwood Classic
Kingswood-Blackbutt_Traditional 11 Blackbutt Traditional
Kingswood-Coffee_Oak 12 Coffee Oak
Kingswood-Spotted_Gum_Traditional 13 Spotted Gum Traditional
Kingswood-Classic_Oak 14 Classic Oak
Kingswood-Coffee_Oak 15 Coffee Oak
Kingswood-Latte_Oak 16 Latte Oak
Kingswood-Salted_Gum 17 Salted Gum
Kingswood-Silver_Oak 18 Silver Oak
Kingswood 1
Kingswood-Drift_Wood_Oak 2
Kingswood-Silver_Oak 3
Kingswood-Latte_Oak 4
Kingswood-Classic_Oak 5
Kingswood-Salted_Gum 6
Kingswood-Sanded_Blackbutt 7
Kingswood-Warm_Oak 8
Kingswood-Weathered_Tasmanian_Oak 9
Kingswood-Tasmanian_Hardwood_Classic 10
Kingswood-Blackbutt_Traditional 11
Kingswood-Coffee_Oak 12
Kingswood-Spotted_Gum_Traditional 13
Kingswood-Classic_Oak 14
Kingswood-Coffee_Oak 15
Kingswood-Latte_Oak 16
Kingswood-Salted_Gum 17
Kingswood-Silver_Oak 18


BRAND Armstrong

TYPE Hybrid


Kingswood hybrid flooring features a range of 12 classic and contemporary Oak and Australian hardwood designs that will always stay in style. Enjoy a carefree home with low maintenance and a 100% waterproof surface.


*15-year residential warranty.

*3-year commercial warranty.

The high-density layer offers outstanding performance when protecting against scratches and stains, while the PUR protective coating provides durability to ensure your floors look better for longer.


Living Room

Dining Room


Features & Benefits

CeraShieldTM Surface Technology with ceramic bead ensures a low-maintenance home with improved scratch, scuff and stain resistance.

A-LITE Core TechnologyTM gives perfect stability and uses 20% less material than standard SPC hybrid products. Good for the environment and suitable for your home. Installation becomes more accessible with the lighter-weight structure and the industry’s most reliable locking system.

XFD Acoustic BackingTM offers a comfortable floor, absorbing noise and echo to create a quieter living space.

For more information about Hybrid flooring and it's benefits, please read our blog located at the below link:

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