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Easy to maintain and comfy underfoot, vinyl flooring brings affordable yet stylish design to any room. Suitable for homes, offices and even commercial spaces.

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When someone mentions vinyl flooring, it’s hard not to think of the old fashioned vinyl sheet. But the humble vinyl sheet has come a long way since its affordable beginnings. Long sought after as a fully waterproof and cost effective solution, vinyl flooring now comes in a range of styles, from sheet, tile and panel, through to modern hybrids to help you create the look you want, with the functionality you need. Because of its value, it’s also a great option for people looking to update their property for sale without an expensive price tag.

Sheet Vinyl

Most people think of vinyl sheet, and then imagine black and white faux kitchen tiles from decades past. Vinyl has come a long, long way since those days. Modern vinyl sheets are 3 dimensional, with visible textures creating an effect that’s far closer to natural materials than they have been before. Modern colour clarity, imaging and embossing can get you very close to a natural timber (or stone or tile). Generally being one piece for most rooms, it allows you to continue your sealed floor throughout the whole house, including laundries, kitchens and even bathrooms and basements.

What that means for you, is you can take your timber look floor, (or tile or stone), and continue it throughout the entire family home, and the floor will be up to the task. Vinyls are still a little softer than their laminate cousins, but they don’t suffer the same indentations as their predecessors, and the softness has the fantastic benefit of acoustic dampening (as well as being far more forgiving on the odd-dropped plate). Finally, vinyls, being 100% synthetic, weren’t the most sustainable choice for your home, but modern vinyls often contain recycled content.


Vinyl Planks

For customers wanting an even more authentic look, modern vinyls are also available in tiles and planks. From the DIY ‘peel and stick’ tiles through to loose lay, the advantage of tile and plank is the ability to create a more authentic, boarded look, and with the added benefit, that should a tile get damaged, it can be replaced without re-laying the entire floor. The other advantage to tiles and planks over sheet, is the ability to choose orientation based on the design of the room, instead 

And, because it’s still a PVC, it’s still 100% waterproof, which means even with standing waterthe floor will not be damaged, it won’t swell, buckle or lose integrity and doesn’t require additional moisture-proof sealers. It can be used in wet areas like laundries, bathrooms and kitchen.

The benefits of vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring can be laid throughout the house and specially in highly used rooms like kitchens, play area and living.

Readily available in planks, sheets or tiles, vinyl flooring is a very popular choice amongst home owners and a great affordable solution for first home buyers looking to create an impact on a budget in their new home.

Vinyl flooring is available both in traditional range and also in the modern timber, ceramic and stone look. Vinyl plank gives your home a timber look which is highly durable and comes at an economical price. There is also no need for paying heavy maintenance cost as any disinfectants and other sanitisers or just warm water with mop can be used on vinyl floor without any risk of damage. Prevent scuff marks, indentation or tears on your vinyl flooring by using a sheet of plywood or paneling when you move furniture across the floor.

Because it’s easy to install, you can even do it yourself on a spare weekend. Don’t want to DIY? Floorworld stores can organise installation for you through our network of trusted tradespeople. When it’s installed correctly, vinyl flooring will last for many years without the need for replacement.

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Floorworld draws its large range of sheet, tile and plank vinyls from Australia’s biggest brands, such as Gerflor, Signature, Pegulan and Polyflor – so you can be confident that you are only buying the best vinyl floor around. Head into your nearest Floorworld store where our team of flooring specialists can help you make the best flooring choice from our huge range of styles. You can find your closest location here.